October 28, 2013


Perhaps the greatest pirate picture NOT painted by Howard Pyle or N.C. Wyeth is The Buccaneers by Frederick J. Waugh (1861-1940).  Heir to Winslow Homer's title as dean of American marine artists, Waugh's depictions of surging coastal seas are renowned for their brilliant design, lyrical beauty and majesty.  But rare are his figurative works, let alone grand action pictures like the hand-to-hand melée seen here.

The power of the painting (and it's obvious influence upon every filmmaker who ever staged a scene of pirates boarding an enemy ship) speaks for itself!



  1. Do you know which event was depicted in this painting and when that event took place?

    1. Apologies for this delayed reply. While throughly convincing in its depiction of a pirate attack, to the best of my knowledge THE BUCCANEERS is a fanciful scene, and not based on any single historical event.
      If a reader has information to the contrary, please let us know.

  2. We saw a Frederick Waugh seascape at the El Paso Museum of Art. That alone was worth the trip! I would love to see The Buccaneers in person.

  3. The Buccaneers images in black and white, which is in the Library of Congress, served as a cover bottom of our book. For us, it portrays with a certain trust the time of a pirate approach on the sea of turbulent waters. An action that required a lot of courage and skill, causing terror who was being attacked. Without having to escape, the victims resisted to death, because that was their fate if they were captured. The pirates had as truth "dead men tell no tales" and so they killed old men, women and children not to remain witnesses. Every time I look at the picture I see the blank faces of bloodthirsty men, from various sources, guns blazing and causing destruction. I am distressed to think of everything that happened. That's the reason to choose this image. Our book is not fiction or a novel, it's a true story. Therefore, we feel that this image could translate the atmosphere that existed at that time.

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