November 13, 2014

A Humorous Portrait

The World Renowned Primate Research Scientist

Sometimes formal portraiture just can't seem to capture the whimsical side of a subject's personality.  Last year, I was commissioned by a private patron to create a humorous portrait of a beloved relation, to be given as a holiday gift.  

The subject, and ultimate recipient of the portrait, is a distinguished medical professor (thoroughly Homo sapiens in actual fact), whose special fondness for our simian relatives dates back to his early studies.  Today he is known not only for his pioneering research, but for his abundant sense of humor, as well.  

Photos of the professor allowed me to caricature him as a chimpanzee, while consultation with my patron revealed idiosyncrasies to exploit as sight gags, rich with inside humor. 

When Christmas arrived The World Renowned Primate Research Scientist helped make the professor's family celebration especially memorable.

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